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Henryk Dąbrowski's rendition of the Palace of the Soviets as the pivot of the new Moscow. From Edmund Goldzamt, Architektura Zespołów Śroódmiejskich i Problemy Dziedzictwa. Warszawa: PWN, 1956.

In 2021-2022, I will be teaching students for the following MA and BA courses at UCL:
In addition to this, I have taught as a visiting lecturer at institutions including the Bartlett School of Architecture, the Architectural Association, the Cass School of Architecture, the Moscow Higher School of Economics, Cambridge University, Kharkiv School of Architecture, TU München, Manchester University, Princeton University, the New School, the Spitzer School of Architecture, the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Warsaw.
I have supervised MA and BA dissertations at UCL SSEES, UCL Anthropology, the Bartlett, Cambridge and the Higher School of Urban Studies at the Moscow Higher School of Economics. 
I am open to inquiries from prospective PhD students looking to work on architecture, urbanism, art and material culture in the socialist and post-socialist world.  
I am currently supervising five PhD students:
  • Elena Agofonova (expected 2023): Norms and regulations in Soviet housing 1970-2017 (UCL Bartlett, with Iain Borden)
  • Kelsey Weber (expected 2022): Tatar Muslim women in Poland (Anthropology/SSEES, with Ruth Mandel)

  • Oliver Banatvala (expected 2024): Shopping malls in post-Soviet Russia (SSEES/Bartlett, with Murray Fraser)

  • Kitty Brandon-James (expected 2024): art tusovki in post-Soviet Russia (SSEES/Courtauld, with Sarah Wilson)

  • Makar Tereshin (expected 2024): space scavengers in Russia/Kazakhstan (SSEES/Anthropology, with Victor Buchli)

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